Thursday, July 29, 2004

In new york

In new York

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Trying to get to London...

So my JetBlue flight from Oakland to NY was cancelled due to weather.
So, day one of my vacation will be spent haggling with agents at
airport ticket counters. I was also planning to visit Paris, but I have no time
for that now. 

I was in total shock when I arrived at the airport and found out that my flight was cancelled.  There were two later JetBlue flights to NY, but they were delayed.  The JetBlue person was nice enough to try to find me a JetBlue flight that would get me to NY in time for my flight to London, but every flight was sold out.  So I sat and waited for the JetBlue agent to find me another flight for 3 hours while people around me checked in their bags going to NY.  He called my other airline and tried to see if they would change my reservation, but they said that I would either have to fly standby, or pay $1500 for a ticket.  So I agreed to go standby to London, and the JetBlue agent refunded my ticket, and purchased another ticket for me on another airline.  


Saturday, July 10, 2004

Summary of WS-* Specifications

From the BEA site: WS Security


Web Services Security Specifications

Additionally, several other key Web services specifications complete the foundation layer of specifications:

The combination of the specifications above and interoperability profiles will enable customers to easily build interoperable secure reliable transacted Web services that integrate within and across federations by composing federation and security specifications with other Web services specifications. "

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Retrieving the identity associated with the current Thread

Using the System.Threading and System.Security.Principal namespaces, you can obtain the identity of the user associated with the current thread:


IPrincipal wp = Thread.CurrentPrincipal;
IIdentity id = wp.Identity;

string authType = id.AuthenticationType;
string isAuth = id.IsAuthenticated.ToString();
string name = id.Name;

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